Our pond filter for you “large” pond project

HIGHFIL HF100 large – our large pond filter

The pond filter HF100 is the large sized pond filter in our product line. This filter is suitable for all pond projects with a size of 50 m3 to 200 m3 and can circulate up to 100,000 litres / hour. It is shipped to you in the cornered [EB] version, or in the round [RB] version and you can moreover also freely select it as a pumped or gravity variant, according to your needs.

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You can look up all technical data of our filter system HF 25 small in the technical data sheets, provided as a download.

Datenblatt HF50-100 pumped cornered

Datenblatt HF50-100 gravity variant cornered

Datenblatt HF50-100 pumped round

Datenblatt HF50-100 gravity variant round