• HIGHFIL engergy-saving pump

    High performance and energy-saving pump

HIGHFIL high-performance energy-saving pump

Our HIGHFIL Energy Saving Pump HFP75 is due to its high performance, ideal for use in Koi and swimming ponds. It is particularly well suited for large ponds with a volume of 30,000 litres or more and delivers up to 75,000 litres of water per hour. The HFP75 pond pump is very flexible and can be combined with conventional filter systems, such as belt filter systems, fleece filters and drum filters. The pump is adjustable and can be used to save energy. An external regulator on the pump allows you to set the delivery rate individually and thus customise it to match the filter system and the existing pipe system. This ensures optimum performance and energy consumption.

The advantages of our energy saving pump

  • Made in Germany

  • Coarse dirt conveying up to 6 mm

  • Optimised flow processes

  • Extremely low-energy drive motor according to class I4

  • Intelligent controller with display

  • High quality and durable materials

  • Pump-head made of cast stainless steel

  • Robust and secure installation

Function of the energy-saving pump

A pond pump takes over important functions in your Koi or swimming pond. The pump either transports the dirty pond water to the pond filter (wet installation set up) or it conveys the already cleaned pond water back to your pond (dry installation set up). Without a pump a regular circulation of the pond water would not be possible. The pond pump, in combination with your pond filter, ensures that contaminants, e.g. natural dirt ingress, food residues or fish excrement, can be removed as quickly as possible from the water and thus contribute significantly to a good water quality. With our HIGHFIL endless belt filter systems, we offer you the right filter system for your pond pump.

Installation on the clean side

Our pump is usually installed on the clean water side and operated “dry” (gravity operation). This offers two distinct advantages over setting up in the “wet”: on the one hand, the pump does not clog, because it carries the cleaned water back to the pond and, on the other hand, there is no risk of electric shock in the pond, e.g. due to a technical defect. We value quality, therefore all HFP75 pumps are made in Germany and only high quality and durable materials are used. The pump is optimally designed and constructed so that it achieves high hydraulic efficiency through optimized flow processes in the pump head. It has an extremely low energy use, can be controlled externally and is able to convey coarse dirt with a particle size of up to 6 mm.

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