• HIGHFIL endless belt filter systems

    For crystal clear water

Water filtration for clear and clean water bodies

HIGHFIL endless belt filter systems provide for crystal clear water in your swimming pond, conventional garden pond and, of course, in demanding Koi ponds.

The HIGHFIL pond filters were developed from 2009 to 2010 by our experienced engineers and technicians, with the specific goal of providing for clear water and optimal conditions in your pond.

Since then, they have been successfully deployed for the filtration of pond water; we thereby attach utmost importance to the energy-saving and the all-year-round continuous operation of the systems. All system components are therefore carefully selected to enable you to derive long-lasting pleasure from your pond applications and filter systems.

The construction of the systems ensures fast and reliable discharge of large amounts of dirt. Finest suspended floating particles of particle size ≥ 5 μm are safely retained by our innovative endless belt filter. The perfect sealing of the endless belt filter prevents leaks. This successful system concept achieves the best water values and ensures safe operation.

One filter system, many combinations

The HIGHFIL delivery programme includes complete systems (including bio-filters, fully assembled) and individual components. The well-thought-out design of the endless belt filter systems ensure good accessibility of all components and thus facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

The HIGHFIL endless belt filter systems are available for delivery, for pumped operation (HF25B, HF50B, HF100B) as well as for gravity operation (HF25S, HF50S, HF100S). Thus there is a suitable solution for every situation.

Find out more about the functioning of our filter systems here.

Mechanical cleaning and biological purification

In addition to the mechanical cleaning by the endless belt filter, the complete system also has a unit for biological cleaning: the bio-chamber. Biological cleaning according to the moving-bed-method with helix as bio-medium, hereby takes place. To this end, generous bio-chambers of between 400 l and 1000 l capacity are provided, which are made of durable glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP).

Depending on local conditions and available space, you can choose between round [RB] and cornered [EB] bio-chambers. Insofar as no bio-chamber is needed, a HIGHFIL filter chamber designed for suspension is used. Our suspended belt filter systems can also be integrated into already existing constructions or your self-made constructions. For cover purposes, we offer for all belt filter variants, a glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) cover.

Advantages of the HIGHFIL endless belt filter system

  • Made in Germany

  • Finest particle filtration with particle sizes of ≥ 5 micrometer

  • Optimal contaminant discharge

  • Self-cleaning

Advantages of the belt filter

  • High flow volumes

  • Optimum dirt retention

  • Perfect sealing

  • Easy belt change

Our filter systems are configured for different pond sizes

Different pond sizes require different filter systems. Our filter systems are configured to meet these requirements.

Our HIGHFIL pond filters are shipped to you in three different sizes. For the small, medium or large pond project!